Getting the future right – Artificial intelligence and fundamental rights

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European Institutions (EU, CoE)
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This report by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) reveals confusion about the impact of AI on people’s rights -  even among organisations already using it. FRA calls on policymakers to provide more guidance on how existing rules apply to AI and ensure any future AI laws protect fundamental rights.

This report identifies pitfalls in the use of AI, for example in predictive policing, medical diagnoses, social services, and targeted advertising. It calls on the EU and EU countries to:

  • Make sure that AI respects ALL fundamental rights 
  • Guarantee that people can challenge decisions taken by AI 
  • Assess AI before and during its use to reduce negative impacts
  • Provide more guidance on data protection rules
  • Assess whether AI discriminates
  • Create an effective oversight system

The report is part of FRA’s project on artificial intelligence and big data. It draws on over 100 interviews with public and private organisations already using AI. These include observations from experts involved in monitoring potential fundamental rights violations. Its analysis is based on real uses of AI from Estonia, Finland, France, the Netherlands and Spain.