Equinet’s feedback to the European Commission's Proposal for a Regulation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems

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Equinet welcomes the opportunity to provide comments on the European Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Equinet further wishes to reiterate its support for this legislative initiative as a timely and valuable opportunity to ensure that the EU becomes the global leader in regulating for AI-enabled technologies that protect and advance fundamental rights, societal wellbeing and the environment.

Equality is explicitly and prominently addressed as one of the leading fundamental rights concerns related to the impact of AI systems, which the proposed regulation is going to address. Yet, the current text of the Proposal for an AI Regulation provides insufficient guarantees—especially, in the parts on monitoring, compliance and enforcement — that AI-induced harm on the fundamental right to non-discrimination can be effectively identified, prevented or remedied.

Please find as an attachment the following key recommendations for the Proposal by Equinet.