Algorithmic accountability for the public sector - AI Now Institute

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United Kingdom

The Ada Lovelace Institute (Ada), AI Now Institute (AI Now), and Open Government Partnership (OGP) have partnered to launch this first global study to analyse the initial wave of algorithmic accountability policy for the public sector. This study aims to understand the challenges and successes of algorithmic accountability policies from the perspectives of the actors and institutions directly responsible for their implementation on the ground.

This executive summary highlights the key findings from this study, which:

• presents and analyses evidence on the use of algorithmic accountability policies in different contexts from the perspective of those implementing these tools
• explores the limits of legal and policy mechanisms in ensuring safe and accountable algorithmic systems
• provides practical guidance to the policymakers, civil society, public officials and agencies responsible for implementing related policy tools and commitments
• outlines some open questions and future directions for the research community in this field.