AI Talk for Equality Bodies – Understanding how AI is currently being used

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This AI talk featuring Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, Professor of ICT and private law at Radboud University in the Netherlands, provides an overview of the different ways in which AI systems are currently being used across Europe with an emphasis on implications for the protection against discrimination.

The objective of this e-talk is to provide more practical and “user-oriented” information for equality bodies in order to enable them to play an increasingly prominent role in providing protection from AI-enabled discrimination.  

The e-talk addresses the following questions:

  • Which fields of life are AI systems being used in now across Europe?
  • What are they ways that these AI systems are being used in these fields?
  • What are some of the current or potential uses of AI systems to prevent and combat discrimination?
  • What are the ways in which discrimination through the use of AI systems can occur in these different fields and applications?
  • Are we seeing qualitative or quantitative differences compared to ‘classic’ forms and manifestations of discrimination, or do we see both?
  • What are the roles that NEBs can play in addressing these different challenges to equality?
  • Which fields of life do you think will experience the biggest impacts from AI on equality and non-discrimination in the next 5 years?